January 25th 2024


Invited Papers Session

from 2023 SIGCHI-sponsored Top Conferences

2023 SIGCHI 우수 학회 논문 초빙 세션

This session is a special session organized by the SIGCHI Korea Local Chapter, a part of SIGCHI, featuring 12 papers presented at the prominent international conferences under SIGCHI, such as CHI, UbiComp, UIST, and CSCW, during the year 2023. These papers were presented under the leadership of domestic institutions in South Korea, considering institutional diversity.

In this special session, authors of the selected papers will present their work in English, followed by real-time Q&A sessions, aiming to recreate the atmosphere of the international conferences where these papers were originally presented.

The goal of this session is to share the outstanding research outcomes led by HCI researchers in Korea at the international forefront during 2023 with the HCI Korea Society, fostering lively discussions and collaborations. This special session has been organized by the SIGCHI Korea Local Chapter, representing the largest international academic community in the HCI field, ACM SIGCHI.

| Program

14:00–15:05    Session 1: AI, Humans, and Interaction

| Minji Kim (SNU), Kyungjin Lee (SNU), Rajesh Balan (Singapore Management University), Youngki Lee (SNU)

Bubbleu: Exploring Augmented Reality Game Design with Uncertain AI-based Interaction

| Sungjae Cho (POSTECH), Yoonsu Kim (KAIST), Jaewoong Jang (POSTECH), Inseok Hwang (POSTECH)

AI-to-Human Actuation: Boosting Unmodified AI's Robustness by Proactively Inducing Favorable Human Sensing Conditions 

| Yoonjoo Lee (KAIST), Tae Soo Kim (KAIST), Sungdong Kim (Naver AI Lab), Yohan Yun (KAIST), Juho Kim (KAIST)

DAPIE: Interactive Step-by-Step Explanatory Dialogues to Answer Children’s Why and How Questions 

| Jae Yeon Park (Yonsei University), Kichang Lee (Yonsei University), Sungmin Lee (Yonsei University), Mi Zhang (Ohio State University),  JeongGil Ko (Yonsei University)   

AttFL: A Personalized Federated Learning Framework for Time-series Mobile and Embedded Sensor Data Processing 

| 15:05 – 15:25  Coffee Break

| 15:25–16:35    Session 2: Design, Accessibility, Inclusiveness

| Bogoan Kim (Hanyang University), Sung-In Kim (Seoul Dasiseogi Homeless Support Center), Sangwon Park (SNU), Hee Jeong Yoo (SNU Bundang  Hospital), Hwajung Hong (KAIST), Kyungsik Han (Hanyang University)

RoutineAid: Externalizing Key Design Elements to Support Daily Routines of Individuals with Autism 

| Dasom Choi (KAIST), Sung-In Kim (Seoul Dasiseogi Homeless Support Center), Sunok Lee (KAIST), Hyunseung Lim (KAIST), Hee Jeong Yoo (SNU Bundang Hospital), Hwajung Hong (KAIST)

Love on the Spectrum: Toward Inclusive Online Dating Experience of Autistic Individuals 

| Seokhyun Hwang (GIST), Jieun Lee (GIST), Youngin Kim (GIST), Youngseok Seo (GIST), Seungjun Kim (GIST)

Electrical, Vibrational, and Cooling Stimuli-Based Redirected Walking: Comparison of Various Vestibular Stimulation-Based Redirected Walking Systems 

| 16:35 – 16:55  Coffee Break

| 16:55 – 18:00 | Session 3: Haptics and VR/AR

| Dongjae Kwon (GIST), Ramzi Abou Chahine (University of East Anglia), Chungman Lim (GIST), Hasti Seifi (Arizona State University), Gunhyuk Park (GIST)

Can we crowdsource Tacton similarity perception and metaphor ratings? 

| Chaeyong Park (POSTECH), Jeongwoo Kim (POSTECH), Seungmoon Choi (POSTECH) 

-  Honorable Mention Award

Visuo-haptic Crossmodal Shape Perception Model for Shape-Changing Handheld Controllers Bridged by Inertial Tensor 

| Hyanghee Park (SNU), Daehwan Ahn (University of Georgia), Joonhwan Lee (SNU)

Towards a Metaverse Workspace: Opportunities, Challenges, and Design Implications 

| 18:00  Best Presentation Award 시상

The Best Presentation Award was awarded to Yoonjoo Lee from KAIST.

| Organizers

| Inseok Hwang (황인석)

POSTECH, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering


| Uichin Lee (이의진)

KAIST, School of Computing


| Jean Y. Song (송진영)

DGIST, Information and Communication Engineering


| Yoon-ji Kim (김윤지)

Chung-Ang University, College Of Art & Technology


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1/25 (목) 12:00 ~ 18:00

|  소노벨 비발디파크 컨벤션센터 (HCI Korea’24 개최 장소)

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